Diy Tools: The Backsaw, The Hacksaw, And The Mitre Box

The Backsaw
The backsaw is a slender crosscut saw having a reinforced back to supply rigidity. It is generally a crosscut saw, 10 to 20 inches in length and with 10 to 14 teeth to the inch. For short, accurate cuts, like in mitring, it is the best tool to use.

The Hacksaw
The hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw utilized for cutting metals. You'll find it valuable in your home workshop when you need to shorten a screw or bolt, when you should cut off or through a nail, and when a piece of pipe or hardware must be made to


The Mitre Box
When you anticipate doing any amount of mitring—that is, sawing at an angle—a mitre box would be a big timesaver. Guides on the mitre box

can be conformed so that a backsaw will cut at whatever angle from 45 to 90 degrees to any desired depth. Care must be taken that the stock doesn't shift while cutting, and that the saw doesn't either touch the front or pull out of the rear guide. Matching pieces can be easily cut just by adjusting the length rod. Frames from 4 to 12 sides can be cut by relating to the proper angle, often pointed on the mitre box itself. In sawing, always begin on the outside of a mark. A crosscut saw has a kerf of about 1/16 inch, and a rough edge would require some added smoothing.

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