Tips On Removing Old Trees

Occasionally a tree arrives at a point where it's necessary to say goodbye to it. It could be a dreadful choice to make, but at times the tree gets very close to the house, gets very diseased, gets an incurable plague of some pest, or grows overly tall and gets close to a power line. When any of these things happen, it’s best to do the right thing and do away with the tree. While you might have spent hours and hours having the tree to where it is today, it is almost inglorious to the tree to permit it

to suffer in bad circumstances.

When you've made the choice to get rid of the tree, you have to plan its removal. There are countless windows knocked out or cars crushed due to poor planning in the tree removal procedure. Determine what direction you prefer it to fall, and precisely measure to be sure it will fall totally clear of anything else that it could potentially cause damage to.

Once you have the going down direction projected, you should go up the tree and tie two long ropes close to the top. Anchor them on the reverse side of the one that you want it to fall toward to. This would afford you to adjust the direction the tree is being brought down in, in case it begins leaning towards anything it may destroy.

Now that you have considered all the necessary precautions, you're ready to start chopping. If you plan on utilizing a manually controlled saw or axe, please step back and take into account how insane that is. Chopping down a tree with your hand will take you forever, and won't even start to be as precise as using a chainsaw. If you do not have a chainsaw, you should not even consider doing it without one. Inquire around with your neighbors

and see if anybody has one that you might borrow. If that does not work, lease or buy one from your any home improvement store.

Before you begin chopping away at the tree, you must wear proper eye and face protection just in case any wood chips fly towards your eyes. Fast flying wood chips can blind you. Each time you operate a power tool, always make sure to wear proper protection for any exposed portions of your body.

While making the cut, you don't want to merely cut a straight line through the tree. It's best to cut a sidewise “V” into the tree. When you cut the straight line, the tree can end up rolling to one side. When you cut in a “V”, the tree would be able to fall in the precise direction that you prefer it to fall. At times it might be a few feet away due to human error throughout the cutting process, though if you have some strong friends pulling on the ropes you tied, you could line it back up having the path you wanted it to take. The whole process should not take over an hour.

Removal of the stump can be a bit harder. You have numerous choices; you can rent out a stump chipper that can completely demolish the visible section of the stump. Or you can spend plenty hours digging it out. Digging out the stump is much more exhaustive, but takes forever. When you have kids this should not be a problem. Kids frequently find the thought of digging fun, and are worked up to go outside and dig all day long together with their friends.

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