Vinyl Mini Blinds For Functional And Stylish Window Treatments

Vinyl blinds are most ideal for rooms prone to high humidity. These include the bathrooms, kitchens, or other water prone locations. Vinyl blinds are easy to clean, tough, and are resist decolorizing caused by sun exposure.
The luxuriously textures and raised prints, paired with elegant neutral and wood hues all add a decorative property that is different from those found in horizontal blinds. Vinyl blinds come either in solid colors or embossed textures, in several various sizes, too. PVC blinds are also good. They are likewise long-lasting and stylish solutions for your window treatments no matter how humid or how

freezing the room temperature is.
Lightweight vinyl blinds are among the low-cost variants of vinyl blinds in the market. The downside of this type is that the thin splines tend to sag a little
and the cords may tatter. Just like most cheaply made items the mechanisms have a greater tendency to collapse or malfunction.
On sale, you may be able to find vinyl blinds sold as low as $5.99. The dimming mini blinds however, are of finer quality with less distance between the slats, and may also come with a greater price tag.

Be careful, though, because there are some imported vinyl mini blinds that contain lead, which is a dangerous for your health especially for pregnant women or babies. The vinyl blinds manufactured in the United States however, have passed the quality control standards and are lead free.
To clean your vinyl mini blinds, simply hang them on a clothesline pole and, using a garden hose, spray them with water.

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