Allergies Caused By Spring Season

What does spring bring in? Why do many sneeze and itch during spring?

When spring peeks just around the corner it also carries with it lovely things, including the pollen. While a lot of people welcome spring with open arms, for thousands of individuals, spring signifies itchy eyes, runny noses, and clogged breathing. These people are allergy sufferers. The most common allergy that affects a lot of people is the allergic reaction to pollen.

Spring means new growth and along with this new growth, nature pushes them to bring forth fruits or seeds.

Pollen is produced by the male plant parts and are

placed on the female plant parts through the process of pollination either done by insects of by the wind movement.

The pollen grains are carried by the wind to other plants in order to keep the species alive and thriving.

Most people are simply bothered by the sight of pollen gathered on their cars,

porch, terrace and everything else that is located outside. But for those who are allergic to pollen, their problems are more than just being bothered by the sight of it.

The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction to pollen can be seen almost every where. Runny noses, sneezing and coughing, itchy watery eyes, are evidences seen yearly signifying that spring is in the air.

The pollen irritates the parts of the body that come into contact with air. These include nose, eyes, throat and lungs. As the pollen drifts with the wind, it brings problems that turn the delight and beauty of spring into anything from a mere nuisance to a nightmare for the thousands of individuals that suffer from this type of allergy.


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