Sporting Dogs: Sussex Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel, And Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Here are three dogs used for the hunting: two spaniels and a griffon. Sussex Spaniel

Here are three dogs used for the hunting: two spaniels and a griffon.

Sussex Spaniel

Bred in England to be a slow-moving spaniel that hunters can follow on foot, the Sussex was frequently used for upland shooting. He is not employed as a hunter in the U.S., Perhaps because he lacks sufficient speed for the average sportsman. His back is long and brawny, body low to the ground. The head is big, with heavy brows, square muzzle, and hanging lips. His hazel eyes are gentle and appealing, and his thick fringed ears drop low. The tail is docked; his flat coat is

dense with feathering on legs, stern, and tail.

WEIGHT: 35-45 pounds

HEIGHT: 16-17 inches

COLOR: rich golden liver.


Welsh Springer Spaniel

An old breed of Wales, the Welsh Springer was held as a hunting dog. While very much like the English Springer, he is smaller, slightly finer, and only red and white in color. His head is mildly long, muzzle straight and square having strong jaw, ears hanging near the cheeks, and dark eyes. His body is deep and short, his tail is docked and feathery, and his coat is flat, thick, and silky.

WEIGHT: 35-45 pounds

HEIGHT: about 17-19 inches

COLOR: red

and white.


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

First developed about 1870 by a Hollander, Edward Korthals, who popularized the breed all over France and Germany as a fierce, swamp-country sporting dog, adept at retrieving game on land and in water. He is basically Pointer in build, although slightly more heavily cast. Powerful and vigorous, he is moderately short-backed and a trifle low on the leg. His head is long and narrow, his muzzle square, eyes huge (iris yellow or light brown in color), and nose brown. His moderate-size ears fall flat, while his tail, which is docked, is set away from the body. His rough, relatively shaggy coat is hard and stiff, with downy undercoat, bushy eyebrows, and mustache.

WEIGHT: 48-60 pounds

HEIGHT, males 21 1/82-23 1/2 inches; females 19 1/2-21 1/2 inches,

COLOR: steel gray or gray-white with chestnut splashes; chestnut; dirty white mixed with chestnut.

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