Sporting Dogs: English Springer Spaniel And Field Spaniel

Two spaniel dogs with differing qualities: one was bred for hunting birds, the other for hunting foxes.

English Springer Spaniel

Named after the ancient spaniel trait of flushing or springing birds, the English Springer Spaniel turned popular as a gun dog in the U.S. early in this century. He has a moderately broad head of medium length, a square muzzle having deep but not hanging lips. His long feathery ears hang low; his eyes are dark brown or hazel. His body is somewhat short, back straight, and tail docked. His coat might be flat or wavy but it should be thick enough

to protect him when hunting in dense cover. It is medium in length, shiny, and rather fine in texture.

WEIGHT: 45-55 pounds

HEIGHT: 19-20 inches

COLOR: black or liver with white markings; tricolor; black and white or liver and white with tan markings; blue or liver roan.


Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel, came down from an old

branch of the spaniel family, now quite rare, was developed long and low for hunting on foot. The type was accomplished by crossing "Welsh Cockers" with Sussex Spaniels. The back is powerful and well-ribbed, the chest deep instead of wide, and the bone moderately heavy. The skull is well-developed, the muzzle long and lean having exceptional scenting power. The ears hang in elegant folds, while the dark eyes have a more earnest expression than is distinctive with dogs of the spaniel group. The tail is docked, feathery, and sported low, while the glossy coat is a bit wavy.

WEIGHT: 35-50 pounds

HEIGHT: about 18 inches

COLOR: black, liver, golden liver, mahogany red, or roan. 

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