What Category Does Your Blog Belong To?

There are many types of blogs. Here are some of the more typical kinds. Which type does your blog fall under?

A weblog (or simply called blog) is an internet site that ‘publishes’ or features write ups (generally called articles) which are termed ‘entries’,'blog posts’, or ‘posts’), written by an individual writer or a group of writers or “bloggers

There are many types of blogs. Here are some of the more typical kinds. Which type does your blog fall under?

1. Political blog - features news, current event, political issues, activism, political commentaries, campaigns, propaganda, and the like.

2. Personal blog - This is

also known as online journal that may include an person’s daily experiences, poems, creative writing, contemplative written thoughts, complaints, illicit thoughts, and even communications between peers.

3. Topical blog - also called niche blog which focused either on a particular subject extensively, usually technical in nature. It can also provide local information.

4. Health blog - deals with particular health issues. Medical blogs also fall under this category with more specialized features such as medical updates from health care professionals and even some actual patient cases.

5. Literary blog - this is also known as “litblogs” which generally contains fiction writings.

6. Travel blog -focuses on a traveler’s stories with details of each particular journey. This type also contains travel guides and valuable information on culture and places.

7. Research blog – contains academic topics and issues such as research notes discovered and documented by an individual.

8. Legal blog - delves on the more technical areas of law and legal affairs; these are also called ‘blawgs’.

9. Media blog - usually exclusively made for a newspaper or a television network, sometimes focusing on inconsistencies or falsehoods in mass media;

10. Religious blog - contains religious topics, beliefs, motivational articles, topical study articles of religious material such as The Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, etc.

11. Education

blog – serves educational purposes, usually written by students and teachers containing specific subject areas which may contain lesson plans, worksheets and other study resources.

12. Collaborative or collective blog – is written around a specific topic by a group of people.

13. Directory blog - lists a collection of numerous web sites on a single or various topics.

14. Business blog - contains information and resources used by business people, entrepreneurs and corporate employees either to promote their businesses or discuss their line of work.

15. Animal and Nature blogs – focuses on animals, pets, and informational topics about their species and their care — domestic or otherwise

16. Environmental blogs- contains articles and information dealing with preservation of nature and environment which may impart a wide range of opinions and principles from the very basic to the activist extents.

17. Food blog – revolves around the most loved topic which is of course, food. It may contain recipes, restaurant reviews, kitchen tips, and food-related articles which can range from general food topics to a very specific type of food.

18. Spam blogs - also known as ’splogs’ are most often used for promoting affiliate websites . They are easily recognizable because they contain very little articles and almost 99% are PTC or PPC banners, Google usually bans or deletes spam blogs if caught.

These are just some of the typically known blogs.  Blog types and categories are evolving through time.



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