What Does An Electronics Technician Do?

While electrical engineers design circuitry, electronics technicians make certain that it works. If something goes wrong with a circuit, technicians act like investigators, isolating the problem and coming up with solutions. That usually calls for working with the engineer who made it to make changes and testing it over again to make sure it's operating properly. Technicians likewise design circuit prototypes- using either actual materials or a computer model-to test, out the design. They meet with customers to talk about their needs, and if the design does not include all the customer's product demands, the technicians will either make alterations

themselves or instruct the engineers on what's necessary. Helping a product move from a computer design to the real stuff is one of the rewards of being an electronics technician. Since technology is always changing, so is the work, making no two projects the same.

The expected annual salaries start in the low- to mid-$49,000 range. With a few years of experience, electronics technicians can earn $68,000 or more a year.

Good prospects for this job include the government, which has traditionally

employed a huge number of electronics technicians, but has been cutting down demands for this expertise in recent years due to a decrease in weapons contracts. Demand in the private sector, nevertheless, is increasing. The ever-growing semiconductor industry, for instance, employs a large number of technicians.

The minimum qualification is a two-year associate's degree in an area like electrical engineering technology. Computer programming and troubleshooting skills are also essential. Some companies prefer these with a few years of experience, while others hire employees right out of school.

You have to posses some characteristics like being organized and able to meet tight deadlines. You will also need to have a heavy interest in electronics and in making things work.


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