Canoe Camping Gear

Canoe camping, when you get out of the canoe, is juts like any other camping, with two exceptions: In canoe camping, the sleeping bags are typically wet, and at least a one-third of your time is spent with a canoe on your back.

There are a few things the canoe camper must add to his regular camping equipment. Be sure you have sturdy, rubberized, waterproof bags to keep clothing, sleeping bags, cameras, etc. You'll need extra paddles, a supply of drinking water, waterproof matches, and extra flashlight batteries. Sterno canned heat is easy to carry and lights either wet or dry,

so it comes in handy. Readily take along a canoe-repair kit. If you're lucky, you won't have to use it, but it's good to know it is on hand.


here are the equipment suggested for a canoe camping trip for two.

4 paddles
2 life jackets
Nylon tent
2 air mattresses
2 mess kits
Coleman stove or Sterno
Water can, 2 to 3 gallons
2 knives
Cook set
2 ponchos Waterproof bags
2 sleeping bags
1 3/4 woodsman's ax
Folding saw
2 flashlights; extra batteries
Insect repellant
2 canteens
Cooler (optional)

Some people think that if camping equipment cannot be carried in a pack, they don't want it. The cooler and Coleman stove would not be part of their gear. Some campers like to take a radio along, but some prefer the raucous wilderness.

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