Free Iphone And Ipad Apps: Action Movie Fx And Rome Mvr

Action Movie FX
iPhone iOS 4.3 Free v 1.1. 2
Action Movie FX was developed by the studio behind Lost and Super 8. It has surely has some know-how and Hollywood spirit behind it, and very much evident inside the app.

You could turn any scene you capture into an action or disaster movie by utilizing several effects within the app. Simply record a video while using the app, with a pre-selected effect you'd want to use. When you're done filming, you may then edit the footage to decide when you would like the effect to set in, enhancing your footage.


effects have on-screen guides and prompts to assist you in framing the shot that help you get a better end result. The interface holds everything nicely and straightforward, using only a record button to begin and finish your clip. This gives you more time to focus on your award winning framing.
The effects alone look impressive, and when you do get the angle and frame right, you are sure to have lots of fun with this app. You get three effects with this app - an asteroid hit, a missile attack and a car crash. There is an in-app store where you are able to buy new effects for your library.

Rome MVR
iPhone iOS 3.0 Free v 1.0.1
The app uses a system known as 'Mixed Virtual Reality', With Rome MVR, your iPhone turns into a virtual time machine, which allows you to look into the

past in real-time. When visiting Rome, you may use the app in several locations of historic interest. Simply hold up your device to one of the landmarks included and the screen will send you back more than two thousand years and you can witness how the place once looked. Pan around with your device to view the surrounding area as elaborate 3D models show you how the ancient city was at the height of the Empire.
Fortunately you don't have to be in the city for the Time Window to work, you can peek into the past wherever you are. With just a couple of in-app purchases, you can unlock four of the most iconic places of the city that you can view in detail in the present and in the past. It offers a quite unique view of the city and a really imaginative way to immerse oneself, literally, in the history of Rome.

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