Honest Review Of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

The Xperia X10 has the makings of a classic, with its Android 2.1 operating system, big 4 inch screen, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a great overlay.

Quite an understated phone, the X10 has a sharp, angular design and a few buttons. The screen largely dominates the front of the phone with three buttons at the bottom. LEDs are installed between each button that glows brightly each time the phone is used. On the top, you'll find the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the on/off button, which also functions as the lock. Here you'll also find the microUSB slot under a dust

cap. which is a bit clumsy to open at times.

It has a great WVGA high resolution screen which is very responsive, expansive, and capable of displaying tons of information with ease. Its 1GHz processor is utilized really well since most of the operation were executed with very little hint of lag or shaking. The Timescape overlay is quite useful in keeping you updated.

Mediascape is likewise a potent app for entertainment, providing far more than what was exhibited before from Android in organising music, video and photos. The 8MP camera is just as powerful.

The Backup and Restore app is topnotch. And.

naturally, the X10 also makes use of the excellent Android web browser, the easy-to-use menu system and accessing the Application Market to improve the functionality of the phone straightaway
Unfortunately, the onscreen keyboard is painful to use as it needs much focus and effort to stay accurate. Using Timescape as your home screen results in a ridiculous amount of lag on the menu system. Battery life is a bit frustrating too, with only an average day's use being what you could expect from a 1500rnAh unit.

Audio quality during calls is also quite on the downside since people are usually hard to hear even in quieter environments. No multi-touch even with the upgrade. It could be that the hardware doesn't support it, which is a pity.

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