Saving Money On Landscaping Costs

It's been calculated that landscape designing and planting your own landscape can save you half of what it will cost to have a pro do it. Naturally, this represents loads work. But if you spread the work over time and have family members and friends who are amenable to pitch in, the undertaking goes from overwhelming to manageable.

Are you ready to be your own landscaper?

First, learn about landscape design. Local landscaping groups and garden centers often offer courses for homeowners. Look through magazines and online sources for yards you want. Read a good landscape design book or visit a landscaping

website. Drive around town and note any landscape effects you particularly love. Put everything on paper prior to buying a single plant or digging a
single hole.

You will save the most money by doing the physical labor of landscaping yourself. Professional landscapers normally charge a planting fee for everything they put in the ground. For jobs that are simple but too big to manage alone, hire college or high-school kids. For the really big or complex jobs, you might find it worth the money to call the professional landscape contractor, who has the proper equipment and know-how.



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