Upgrade To A Better Headphone

Several pieces of portable gear on the market today go with their own headphones as stock. But that’s precisely what they are – standard!

For a bit surplus spending the quality of sound could be bettered tremendously.
A lot of ipods and mp3 players go with the ‘ear-bud’ sort of headphones but for as low as $20 dollars you are able to get a ‘clip-on’ style that goes over the ear very much like a pair of glasses.
Design has gone through great improvements lately and the earpiece does stay where it is supposed to stay.
For something that appears a

little more ‘cool’ the mode on the street is the ‘behind the head’ fashion headphones.
These turned popular some time back and the upgrade in sound warrants the price tag of around $50 for the better caliber sets.

Be mindful though, not everyone has the equal

size head and trying it on for size is a must do! Likewise, a few of these are ‘open’ style which entails sounds can leak out and in.
Be mindful if you prefer to use them in quiet areas like libraries etc.
Then came the ‘fold down’ portables. A lot less portable than the others referred here but still has good quality sound. A few fold down flat and are fine for packing but some fold into a sphere like shape. These can be hard to carry around.
Thus for less than $50 – in other cases $20 – the sound from your gear can be improved greatly. If you truly love music perhaps you ought to give this a try!

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