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Heater Adjustments to Reduce Energy Costs
Published By Tip Writer on 2012-01-10 1699 Views

Why pay money to scald yourself by having 140°F water when 110° to 120°F water is absolutely adequate? By readjusting your tank thermostat you will cut down 3 to 5 percent off your water heating bills for each 10-degree reduction you make. And it's an easy job! Just follow these steps:

1. Disconnect the circuit breaker or fuse operating the water heater.

2. Take out the top and bottom cover plates then push back the insulation to uncover the thermostats. Other small tanks may have only one thermostat.

3. Use a screwdriver to adjust the settings. Some models include numerical settings; others are marked High-Medium-Low. Reset both thermostats to 110°F or Low. If this turns out to be uncomfortably low, you can knock the settings back up a little.

4. Put back the insulation and plates. Turn the circuit breaker back on.

Lowering the tank temperature is not recommended if you have a dishwasher without a booster heater, since the machine requires 140°F water to do its job correctly. The advantage of having a booster heater on your dishwasher turns obvious when you stop to think that without it, you're heating all your household water to 140°F only to accommodate the dishwasher.



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